UA Press releases two new titles

The University of Alaska Press announced the release of two new books: The Fires of Patriotism: Alaskans in the Days of the First World War, 1910-1920 by Preston Jones, and Iñupiaq Ethnohistory: Selected Essays by Ernest S. “Tiger” Burch, Jr. and edited by Erica Hill.

fires-of-patriotismThe Fires of Patriotism: Alaskans in the Days of the First World War, 1910-1920
In the early twentieth century, Alaska was facing an exciting future as the newest US territory. Yet just five years after its official designation, the country entered World War I and citizens were called to fight. Despite the threat of an economic downfall, Alaska sent more people per capita to war than any other state and displayed patriotism at home that rivaled that of the states.

The Fires of Patriotism explores Alaska’s wartime experience, bringing to light new stories and new characters from a decade that shook the world. This multifaceted book explores the era through engaging stories and rare photos, offering a new perspective on the First World War from a marginal land that forged its place in the greater unity of the country.

inupiaq-ethnohistoryIñupiaq Ethnohistory: Selected Essays
It took more than a century for colonialism to reach Alaska after the first Europeans set foot in what would become the continental United States. For the Iñupiaq settled at the very top of the world, their complex society remained unknown and undisturbed longer than many other Native tribes in America. Ernest S. Burch, Jr., dedicated most of his life and career to understanding this precolonial period and the lives of the Natives of Northwest Alaska. Iñupiaq Ethnohistory finally collects in one place Burch’s critical research in this area, bringing to light work that had once been buried in scholarly books or scattered across journals. It is a fascinating and accessible window into a now-vanished world.


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