UA Press releases two new books

The University of Alaska Press is proud to announce the release of two new book titles.

Book cover of "Theres a moose in my garden"There’s a Moose in My Garden: Designing Gardens in Alaska and the Far North by Brenda Adams
What do you do when a young moose calf wants to dine on your freshly planted Siberian Iris? How do you harness the wild beauty of the north for your own backyard? There’s a Moose in My Garden tackles these questions and more with practical advice from an award-winning gardener.

Adams provides helpful tips for far northern gardeners on how to design and build beautiful, healthy gardens. The book outlines the entire planning and planting process, covering such aspects as handling low-angled sun, soft light, expansive vistas and a cool climate.

-2Gone Again Ptarmigan by Jonathan London and illustrated by Jon Van Zyle
Every winter, willow ptarmigan birds put on new feathery coats, softly white and perfect for hiding in snow. In the spring they take on a spotted brown more suited to nesting. This is just one of the captivating changes that take place in the Far North as animals adjust to the changing seasons. Gone Again Ptarmigan allows young readers to be wilderness explorers. Following the course of a year, readers learn how the birds change their plumage, forage and evade predators, crossing paths with many of the other creatures sharing their land. With broad watercolor illustrations and an author’s note at the end to extend learning, Gone Again Ptarmigan is a beautiful introduction to the adaptable animals of the wild North.

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