Science 360 videos bring new innovations home

A great number of new scientific innovations often go unnoticed, written in an academic journal and put away on a university library shelf. Usually, you have to look for it to find it, but Science 360: The Knowledge Network has worked to bring thousands of videos together to create an accessible way for students, professors and researchers to see what has been going on in the science world.

The video topics range from education to chemistry to astronomy, appealing to all different professions and interests. The videos, made by many different producers from all over the country, are only a few minutes long and offer quick and entertaining introductions to the idea, the people and thoughts behind it. Each video is made to be easily embedded into a website, blog or social networking site so that anybody can share them. Text articles, found in the news section of the site, are also available for a quick read or slower Internet. Visit the website and find the latest news on your favorite topic in science.