Premera ID cards are in the mail

The FY14 enrollment file was delayed at the Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alaska, and as a result the ID cards are in the mail. For people currently enrolled on UA Choice, please know that your ID number will not change.

You can get a coverage letter from the Premera member portal after July 1. If you haven’t already registered at, you can do so easily by going to and registering as a new user. You’ll need your ID number to register. Once registered, you can print a temporary coverage letter to use at your doctor’s office or the pharmacy. The letter will have the pharmacy information on them. If you want to just continue using your old ID card, you can do that. You will need the pharmacy Bin and Group numbers shown below. ID cards were mailed July 1.

If you haven’t been enrolled in UA Choice before July 1, you can call Premera customer service at 800-364-2982 and request your ID number. They will ask questions to confirm your identity.

After you register at for the first time, you will receive a welcome e-mail from them.

Here are some health plan numbers you’ll find handy:
Premera Group #1000033
Rx Bin #: 610014
Rx Group #: BCWAPDP

If you have problems registering on the portal or have questions about the site, please call Premera Customer Service at 800-364-2982.

Mail delivery for maintenance medication is more cost effective than in-person fill. You can set up mail delivery through website or by calling their customer service number: Premera Customer Service: 800-364-2982.