Pick.Click.Give. and support UAF

Alaska residents can donate to the University of Alaska Fairbanks when filing for Permanent Fund Dividends. Giving to UAF via the Pick.Click.Give. program  helps students to achieve their goals through research opportunities, scholarships, fellowships and much more.

This year, UAF is among more than 400 organizations eligible to receive donations through Pick.Click.Give., which Alaskans can use when when they apply for a dividend online. When employees, alumni and friends give back, they improve UAF’s affordability and increase opportunities for current and future students.

ExxonMobil again has offered a matching gift to encourage donations to Alaska colleges and universities during the 2014 Pick.Click.Give. campaign. Every contribution to any of the campuses of the University of Alaska will be matched by the company one-to-one, up to $100,000.