It is possible to finish in four

Corey: full time work. Batchelors degreeIt only takes a little calculation to realize that by completing twelve credit hours a semester, it would take a whole extra year to get the same degree as if you took fifteen credits a semester. The extra cost of a fifth year for a bachelor’s degree can be more than $10,000. This is one of the reasons the Stay on Track program was started. Stay on Track aims to provide students with the information and tools to help them finish their degree. The goal is to encourage students to make conscious choices about their education. More than choosing classes every semester, this is  about building a plan to get through college faster and at less cost. Stay on Track can help you:

Balance work and school
Many students have to work while at college, and long job hours often interfere with doing well in college classes. To help juggle school and work, find a job on campus. College employers understand the importance of education first. If you must work off-campus, look for an employer who will understand you are a college student first.

Connect with your peers
With a job and school, getting the full fifteen credits done can be  challenging. Some students find it’s easier to study with a group of peers. There are organized study groups, groups developed in class or in the dorms, and those that meet in the library. It helps you keep your momentum when you’re surrounded by other students working through the same struggles, following the same class/study routine and that have the same goals for graduation. Besides camaraderie, supportive groups provide a network that will help you find answers and solve problems.

Get help from an advisor
Tell your advisor about academic areas that concern you. Advisors can help you choose the right class, find a tutor and introduce you to DegreeWorks at UAOnline. Advisors are aware of many academic resources on campus. Ask about classes that are NOT offered every semester. Some courses are offered only in the fall or only in the spring. These courses may be prerequisites for other courses, so you don’t want to miss them when they are offered.

More information on these and other resources can be found at the Stay on Track website. All of these valuable tools are designed to help students be successful in college, no matter what the situation is.