#sikuliaq engineers describe their shop as "the best hardware store in the Pacific." The wide array of tools onboard helps the engineers fabricate anything that may be needed. #socooliaq #sikuliaq #skqlife #nanooknation
Photo by Andrew Cassel, @andrewcassel.
RT @uafhaarp: First experiment in progress, image 3.4 (red) 9.5 (green) MHz simulated beam pattern. 3.4 is "twisted beam!" https://t.co/hY…
#repost @uafairbanks (@get_repost)
#lunch time aboard @rvsikuliaq. See more of what it's like to work on this research vessel in our FB virtual event Social Window: Life on Sikuliaq. #nanooknation #uaf100 #socooliaq
Like all @uafairbanks offices the @sikuliaq has SMS docs posted in several places so employees know safety policies… https://t.co/xWSYUKuOBY
Centennial timeline - UAF news and information This week in 1922 was the inaugural week of classes at the university. One year later, our first graduate student, Thelma Bruce, enrolled to study cultivation of Alaska blueberries. #uaf100 #tbt
Notable moments from UAF's first century
RT @AlaskaSeaGrant: Idea people and problem solvers needed! OTIS Alaska Sprint to address Alaska fisheries issues. Apps due Sept. 26. https…
RT @NanooksVB: Its GAME DAY! Nooks host the SPU Falcons at the AK Airlines Court tonight at 7pm AKT. All the details on https://t.co/Eyzd17…
RT @uafhaarp: Performing final testing before experiment runs this afternoon & evening; two engines up and running @UAFGI https://t.co/LEE5…
#lunch time aboard @rvsikuliaq. See more of what it's like to work on this research vessel in our FB virtual event Social Window: Life on Sikuliaq. #nanooknation #uaf100 #socooliaq
LARS - Robert G. White Large Animal Research Station Baby picture of reindeer royalty from our friends out at LARS - Robert G. White Large Animal Research Station. #tbt #wikithereindeerprincess
#tbt to when #wikithereindeerprincess was only a calf! #rangifer #reindeer #deer #sopretty #nanooknation #uaflars
University of Alaska Fairbanks shared ...
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@__busted.808.life__ sporting #nanooknation pride on @rvsikuliaq. #4-midwatch #lifeatsea #sikuliaq
@__busted.808.life__ sporting #nanooknation pride on @rvsikuliaq. #4-midwatch #lifeatsea
A moment to gather thoughts before heading back to work. #skqlife #sikuliaq #socooliaq #nanooknation
Photo by Andrew Cassel, @andrewcassel.
When your staff starts leaving cartoons about the amount of boxes/bags/random $#!+ In the office, you know your event is about to get lit. (It's funny because we're actually 3 days away from lighting 5 giant bonfires. And because I ...
Submit your bright ideas to the Arctic Innovation Competition Don't forget: Friday's the deadline to enter. If you have a great invention or idea, this could be your big break.
The University of Alaska Fairbanks School of Management will award $30,000 in cash prizes through its annual Arctic Innovation ...
@rvsikuliaq 3rd mate Marian Tudoran gives a training for #firefighters aboard the ship. #firstresponders #uafbesafe #socooliaq #uaf100
The start of the 2017 Equinox Marathon at the Fairbanks campus. #NaturallyInspiring #UAF100.
University of Alaska Fairbanks is with Stefan Tangen.
The @rvsikuliaq chief mate Michael Fantazia during a safety training exercise. #socooliaq #skqlife
Alumni across the decades - UAF news and information #NanookNation alumni are thousands strong. Here are a few from our first century. #uaf100 UAF Alumni Association
@sikuliaq In this case it was is planning the fire training session that happened about 12:45 today... #uafbesafe… https://t.co/YrPjjnd2iD
UAF College of Liberal Arts The new south-facing windows in Wood Center will be great for basking in the sun and watching the stars this winter. Great shot of the construction by UAF student and photographer Kael Knight.
You might have noticed that there are ...
UAF Cooperative Extension Service If you burn wood at home, UAF Cooperative Extension Service has a free class to help you do it right.
#WinterisComing - so make sure you know how you're going to heat your home. These workshops in Fairbanks, Anchorage, Palmer, ...
RT @uafairbanks: The @sikuliaq might be far away from the Fairbanks campus but spirit of #NanookNation is near to the hearts of the crew. #…
RT @uafairbanks: The @sikuliaq might be far away from the Fairbanks campus but spirit of #NanookNation is near to the hearts of the crew. #…
Good morning, #nanooknation
Behind the scenes of our latest aerial photo shoot of the Fairbanks campus. Video by Venus Sung.
@alaskananooks #volleyball in action last week. Photo by official student photographer @zaynroohi #nanooknation #uaf100
Students dressed for a toga themed dance at the start of the 2017 fall semester.
Ensemble 64.8 performing before 2017 Convocation address.
Aurora over Fairbanks campus on Sept. 8. 2017.  Photos by official photographer JR Ancheta
Members of the Alaska Nanooks 2017-2018 hockey team. 
Members of the 2017-2018 Alaska Nanooks swim team. 
SAO staff is repping #traditionstuesday! Want your own Traditions gear? Make sure you're following our Instagram for some swag giveaways this week! #nanooktraditions
SAO coordinator @lisalatronica and #nanooktraditions chair @allie_g19 are ready to go to welcome students and vendors to A Taste of Fairbanks! 5-7 pm in the Wood Center lobby!
UAF - 2017 - Poker Flat - 100 Years 100 Seconds Some of the history of the only university-managed rocket range on Earth.
UAF - 2017 - Rev-It-Up/New Student Orientation Slideshow New members of Nanook Nation move in to their dorms, meet their administrators, and start to make friends during new student orientation activities in August 2017.
UAF - 2017 - UAF 100 (Final) Celebrating 100 years of higher education in the Last Frontier.
UAF - 2017 - Unmanned Aerial Systems Logan Graves talks about how the University of Alaska Fairbanks is pioneering unmanned aerial vehicle research and development. First broadcast via Periscope from the 2017 Tanana Valley State Fair.
Clue #6 #iamthewalrus bring your #xtratuffs bc there are 2 - count'em TWO! - bags full of #nanooknation & #nanooktraditions gear waiting - but where? #unsolvedmysteries .
#uaf100 #xtratuf #springfest #shutupdonny
Clue #5 - Have you read your Sun Star lately? This prize depot is in a @uafsunstar kiosk somewhere on campus... but where? Prizes include #springfest shirts, #nanooktraditions gear and maybe a pair of 🕶 #uaf100
Wanna lay your hands on some sweet semi #vintage #nanooktraditions & #nanooknation stuff? Checkout @nanooknation for deets! Link not in bio.
Dorm Room Ideas: Rea Dorm Room Ideas: Really Good Wall Art for Under $50 | Apartment Therapy
Vika is helping peop Vika is helping people move into their dorms this morning. #NanookNation
Oliver's #Kryptonics Oliver's #Kryptonics board resurfaced with Rustoleum. It's a chalkboard surface now.
Dixie is a 10 week o Dixie is a 10 week old cocker #spaniel/#pomeranian mix #puppy

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