Timeline Photos We're celebrating a century at UAF, and we want your help. We're looking for the perfect cover for our commemorative centennial issue of Aurora magazine, due out later this year.

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I got the chance to tour the Neutral Buoyancy Lab yesterday. The NBL is a full size mockup of the ISS, where astronauts train! @zaynroohi #uaf100 #nanooknation #nasa
Talking about bear skulls from the museum's collection with @uafcla dean/artist Todd Sherman. Stop by next week to see more of his live painting demonstrations #visituamn #polarbears #polarpassion #clais #mammals #collections #alaskamuseum #travelalaska #explorefairbanks #alaska #nanooknation #summerinak
William Cashen Born in Juneau, taught high school in Anchorage, the only person ever granted the title Marshall of the Fairbanks campus. #UAF100 #NanookNation
People who helped shape higher ed in the Last Frontier
Our #muskox calves are growing up so fast! This little girl is currently 40kg (88lbs!) and her favorite activities are drinking her bottles, playing with her big yoga ball, and armpit and tummy scratches! Search the tag #muskoxcalf737 to see ...
She is nearing the end of her preschool years and nothing will get in her way! #diva #preschooler #nanooknation
International hits, a playlist by Ua Fairbanks on Spotify Great playlist for an evening hanging out with friends.
A playlist featuring Sigala, Portion Boys, Axwell /\ Ingrosso, and others
A restock and recharge along the pipeline’s path Ned Rozell writes the Alaska Science Forum and is based out of the UAF Geophysical Institute. He's currently re-tracing the steps of a hike along the Trans-Alaska Pipeline he first took 20 years ago. #UAF100 #NanookNation
Alaska Science Forum
UAF staff provide food for local children Staff members on the Fairbanks campus contributed 98 pounds of food to the Fairbanks Community Food Bank's Bone Builders program during a collection effort in May. #UAF100 #NanookNation
Timeline Photos We're celebrating a century at UAF, and we want your help. We're looking for the perfect cover for our commemorative centennial issue of Aurora magazine, due out later this year.

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CLA Dean Todd Sherman at work. #nanooknation @t0ddsh3rm
Timeline Photos Panorama of the Fairbanks campus captured from the roof of the new heat and power plant. #UAF100 #NanookNation
RT @AlaskaSeaGrant: Eating shellfish off the beach is risky! Julie Matweyou taught 46 coastal Kodiak students about PSP. See Fishlines http…
"I have a wide variety interests that wouldn’t be in my resume — so many. I mean, for one, I’m a skateboarder. I also am a mechanic and I build cars: I like building race cars and show cars. It’s ...
#fbf to winning the NCAA individual championship. Working on getting that Olympic ring in 2020.
#olympicday #teamusa #nanooknation
Live painting work highlights special exhibit Watch the Facebook Live stream from the UAF College of Liberal Arts page this afternoon. #UAF100 #NanookNation #UAMN
Todd Sherman has begun a public art demonstration at the University of Alaska Museum of the North to accompany the "Polar Passion” ...
Instagram post by Nanook Nation • Jun 23, 2017 at 5:49pm UTC “Hello #nanooknation! I’m @zaynroohi, the assistant photographer at UAF. I’m currently an intern at NASA JSC, and will be spending the next week showing you Houston. #uaf100 #NASA”Promises to be a pretty cool week of content.
The Fairbanks campus seen in June of 2017. Photo by official photographer @jr_ancheta. #uaf100
RT @muellerstoffels: Commercializing new #microgrid #technology? New round of microgrid tech support competition is open: https://t.co/M2or…
RT @Mike_in_Alaska: Rain squall at 0200 AM over Fairbanks at solstice from inbound @alaskaair...beautiful place. Come to @uafairbanks to st…
RT @Mike_in_Alaska: Solstice sunrise/sunset Alaska Airlines 0150 AM. Sun up 10 min then down as we descend to Fairbanks. Come to @uafairban…
Halibut charters adapt to economics and regulations Fairbanks-based researchers collect information that could help shape the future of fishing charters in Alaska. Story from the UAF College of Fisheries & Ocean Sciences. #UAF100
Study from the UAF College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences
24 hours of sunlight.  Time lapse video captured from 12:00 am to 11:59 pm on June 21, 2017.
LARS - Robert G. White Large Animal Research Station Our #muskox calves love playing with their big yoga ball! If you have any old sports balls (basketballs, soccer balls, volley balls, etc) that you don't want or need anymore, they can be donated to...
Call for donations to provide ...
Office refrigerator is feeling generous today.
How one of the most respected minds in aurora research found their way to Fairbanks. https://t.co/fm3jlFaEWx #UAF100 #NanookNation
It’s a nice day to get outside. We went to roll around @uafairbanks today.
Painting at UAMN UAF College of Liberal Arts Dean Todd Sherman paints a backdrop. Currently LIVE on Facebook from @alaskamuseum
Solstice #sunrise seen from the #fairbanks campus. Photo by @jr_ancheta. #uaf100 #naturallyinspiring
Training may help save entangled whales A training session in Unalaska offered instruction on how to handle entangled whales.
During last weekend's #midnightsun Run. #fairbanks #alaska #uaf100
High school students begin their day exploring what it is like to be a student at @uafairbanks. #UAF100… https://t.co/IkDRIGw7os
College of Engineering and Mines Dean Doug Goering, College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Dean Paul Layer and College of Liberal Arts Dean Todd Sherman. #deansofinstagram #uaf100 #nanooknation
#denali seen from the Eielson Building on the Fairbanks campus in June 2017. #alaska #uaf100 #nanooknation #adsummum
UAF - 2017 - UAF Planting Day Talking with Diana Campbell about the 2017 UAF Planting Day event. Recorded on iPhone 6 Plus and first shared via Instagram stories.
UAF - 2017 - Celebrating a Century On May 3rd, 1917 the Alaska Territorial Governor signed a bill providing funding for a college in Alaska. On May 3rd, 2017 the University of Alaska Fairbanks community gather to celebrate the first 100 years of higher education in the ...
Clue #6 #iamthewalrus bring your #xtratuffs bc there are 2 - count'em TWO! - bags full of #nanooknation & #nanooktraditions gear waiting - but where? #unsolvedmysteries .
#uaf100 #xtratuf #springfest #shutupdonny
Clue #5 - Have you read your Sun Star lately? This prize depot is in a @uafsunstar kiosk somewhere on campus... but where? Prizes include #springfest shirts, #nanooktraditions gear and maybe a pair of 🕶 #uaf100
Wanna lay your hands on some sweet semi #vintage #nanooktraditions & #nanooknation stuff? Checkout @nanooknation for deets! Link not in bio.
#buriedtreasure ! Well, not exactly buried, but definitely treasure. All the #vintage #nanooknation & #nanooktraditions stuff you see (and more, so much more) will be hidden around campus over the next few days - some is waiting for you now! ...
Dorm Room Ideas: Rea Dorm Room Ideas: Really Good Wall Art for Under $50 | Apartment Therapy
Vika is helping peop Vika is helping people move into their dorms this morning. #NanookNation
Oliver's #Kryptonics Oliver's #Kryptonics board resurfaced with Rustoleum. It's a chalkboard surface now.
Lydia's late fall #O Lydia's late fall #OOTD #autumn #collegeclothes
Dixie is a 10 week o Dixie is a 10 week old cocker #spaniel/#pomeranian mix #puppy

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