Fittest Winner Competition to kick off third season

uaf-wellness-logo2-1The third season of the UAF Fittest Winner Competition begins Wednesday, Feb. 20. More than 400 staff and faculty participated last fall and tracked a combined weight loss of more than 1,400 lbs. during the competition. Organizers would like to have even more employee and even students get involved this season. Teams have until March 8 to get organized.
Teams from across campus will compete over 10 weeks to see which team can exercise the most and lose the most weight. The emphasis is on exercise, so minutes of exercise will count for 80 percent of the score and weight loss for 20 percent.
What’s new this year?

  • Look for more recognition and a team focus on individual fitness goals.
  • Teams can be no larger than 12 members and have no less than four.
  • You’ll need to submit exercise in exact minutes.
  • A Fittest Winner website to register your team, report your team information and upload exercise videos and healthy recipes.
  • Fittest Winner Competition for students.

For more information, visit the website or contact the Program Director – Kayli Stanfill at

Whether you decide to participate this spring or not, please take a few minutes to provide feedback.