Facilities Services customer survey results available

Facilities Services has implemented a quarterly customer service survey to continually gather your feedback on how the unit is performing.  This survey uses the same format as the annual survey conducted by the company Sightlines.  Sightlines specializes in capturing financial, customer service and facilities data, and comparing UAF to other universities having similar programs, a similar mix of research and academic activities, and to the extent possible, a similar climate.  There are 13 universities in this peer group, chosen by UAF and Sightlines. The peer group includes Montana State University, University of Maine, University of New Hampshire, University of Vermont and UAA, among others.

View a summary of the results of the FY13 Q3 (January-March 2013) survey conducted in May 2013 at http://www.uaf.edu/fs/customerservice/cs-survey/. (To access the results, from the Facilities Services home page, click the Customer Service Survey under Quick Links.) The survey contains scores and comparisons to the average score in our peer group. It also shows the top score in our peer group. In 2014, Facilities Services is striving to beat the top scores.

Shortly, a survey for FY13 Q4 (April-June 2013) will be sent, and in November Sightlines will be sending out their annual survey. The time and effort put in to responding to the surveys is appreciated.  The feedback is taken seriously, and used to prioritize improvement efforts at Facilities Services.