Teaching tip: Dropbox


Dropbox is a web-based service that allows you to access all of your files from anywhere. Install Dropbox on your laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc. and changes you make to a document you store in the Dropbox file are accessible from those devices. Your files (complete with recent changes) are also available on the web in your secure Dropbox account.

Learn more about using Dropbox.

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Dallas Budden is an instructional designer with UAF’s e-learning and Distance Education.





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  • Bill Wakefield

    It may be worth mentioning that Google Drive provides this functionality securely (and more…) and everyone affiliated with UAF has one in their GoogleApps@UA account.

    By using Google Drive we can be assured that all content is securely contained within University of Alaska infrastructure which fully complies with FERPA requirements.

    See: News section of google.alaska.edu




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