Sustainability office recycles recycling bins


The UAF Office of Sustainability is cleaning house and looking for new homes for 32-gallon bins previously used for on-campus recycling.

If you have a sustainable use for such bins at your office or home, send a few sentences to the Office of Sustainability describing your plan. Sustainable examples include rain barrels, hydroponic containers or additional home recycling bins. See for directions on how you can turn your bin into a hydroponic container.

The limit is two bins per person until they are gone. Bins will need to be picked up from the second floor of Lola Tilly Commons.

E-mail for questions or to request bins.


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  • Emily Reiter

    The Chem department main office could use two. I would love to have two bins to collect packing material in the REIC building. It would be great to have two bins–one for packing peanuts (which we can re-use or drop off for recycling), and one for paper and cardboard packing materials (which we can re-use or put into the paper recycling bin behind the building). Thank you!


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