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Help UAF celebrate its approaching centennial by sharing your memories about the Wood Center for a special book project.

As the old Wood Center is transformed UAF wants to capture our collective memories about the building from 1970 to present. Send your stories and pictures to





  • Charlotte Rowe

    I was at UAF from 1983 to 1997, first as a graduate student then as research staff at the Geophysical Institute. My memories of Wood Center are mostly from the days when I lived on campus – I spent plenty of time in the pub after evening seminar classes or playing chess with a friend, ordering a pizza from upstairs to go with the beer. Also while I was living off campus in a cabin out on Sheep Creek Road, I would occasionally use the showers downstairs. It was a nice and convenient place especially while living in the dorm.

  • The first Wood Center All Nighter (1972 or 1973). An all night party that worked on so many levels (sic). I was with KMPS radio and we were doing our first remote broadcast. Before things began to work, words like, “Where did they go? I could here them a second ago.” When out on the air. It took us a while to figure out that when we could not hear the station we were live on the air.

    We went everywhere. We interviewed the student body president, who may not have been sober. Drs. John Morak and John Murray were there early drinking wine. The Chancellor walked through, but I think the noise level was too much for him. The Dean of Students showed up and I can’t remember just which faculty members were dancing upstairs, but it was a sight.

    We saw the punch being spiked with Everclear and warned people live on the air. We visited every corner of the building all night long. It was a great party and we had a great time. Rusty Walker, Ron Williams, Tom Mullens and one other person I can’t remember were behind the whole thing.

    In those days we could party in Wood Center All Night Long. Wonderful memories. I think the tradition died out because of all the work it took to stage. There was a live band, an air plane throwing contest, several contests of questionable morals by men and women. The Pub was not open yet, so booze was where you found it and many things were smoked.

    It was great.


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