Recycling program to change June 1


Due to budget restrictions, the university will be making some changes to its recycling program. While we will continue recycling waste generated as part of university operations, we are no longer able to provide an open-access drop-off point for recyclables. Effective June 1, we will be removing the recycling containers from the Taku Lot. Members of the campus community should continue to use recycling containers in offices and campus buildings for recyclable waste produced by university departments. For more information about other options for recycling items from your home, visit Interior Alaska Green Star online at





  • Christina Erikson

    Please tell me who I need to get in touch with to plead with them that this is not the way to go. Is this purely a UAF issue, or is this a broader issue with the Fairbanks North Star Borough? I am still new to Alaska, but I have never lived in a state where it is made to be this difficult to care for the environment, nor have I ever lived in a place where the majority of people I’ve spoken with just can’t find it worth their time to do so. This is beyond pathetic. I have already found another place that will take my things due to the green star web site you’ve provided (even though said place is 17 minutes from my house in the opposite direction…a complete waste of fuel). However I am certain that taking away the option to recycle at UAF will make it so inconvenient for the many employees that work here, that most will simply find it not worth the trouble to recycle. Thus, Alaska loses in the long run. Just because we have a state with a lot of space, doesn’t mean we have the right to throw more into the landfills.

    • Marmian Grimes

      The issue is a community one, primarily. The UAF recycling program was designed to help the university, as an organization, be more sustainable in its practices. Over time, the community started using the containers we have on campus, to the point where about 90 percent of the recyclable waste comes from the community, not campus. As we look at our budget for the coming year, we cannot continue to divert resources from our core educational mission to a community recycling program that is ultimately the Fairbanks North Star Borough’s responsibility.


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