New UAF transportation center to focus on safety issues "Safety strategies for rural areas in Alaska will include the context of cultural preservation and heritage. CSET will also seek strategies to accommodate alternative forms of transportation such as ATVs, snowmachines and dog sleds." #UAF100
Will address safety issues in ...
It's GAME DAY! Nooks host the Western Oregon Wolves at the Alaska Airlines Court tonight at 7pm AKST. See you there…
Alaska Sea Grant "The courses cover direct marketing, process improvement, and skills to avoid foodborne illnesses." #UAF100 #NaturallyInspiring
Are you a part of Alaska's seafood industry? Or want to be? We have several upcoming opportunities for learning and professional development. Spread the word!
Johnson humbled by Brooks Bandits ceremony Former Alaska Nanooks hockey team member and now goaltender for the Calgary Flames reflects on his journey to become a player in the National Hockey League. First published by The Calgary Sun. #UAF100 #NanookNation
"I had time to develop in ...
Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce Congratulations to #NanookNation member and UAF School of Management graduate Tammy Kosa. #UAF100 #NaturallyInspiring
Northrim Bank announced several promotions today including Fairbanks's own Tammy Kosa and her promotion to VP, Regional Sales & Development Manager. Kosa joined Northrim Bank in ...
A slo-mo video of Sirius eating his favorite snack! @cheerios #siriusthemuskox #muskoxlovecheerios #moxantics #muskox #naturallyinspiring #nanooknation
#latergram of #uafctc fire science students during a live burn exercise last February, 2016. #uafairbanks #nanooknation #successdiscovered
@DannyVoisine The @UAFBursar office is open! You can call them at 907-474-7384 or email
Alaska EPSCoR One of the most difficult things about scientific research is communicating the importance of a specific piece of work to a broad audience. Turning raw data into understandable information is a kind of art. Here are images from a workshop ...
RT @NanooksHockey: Alaska lines vs. Bowling Green this afternoon - Some changes up front, Leer replaces Vieth, LaDouce in for Koberstein ht…
RT @IARC_Alaska: New research seminar will connect marine mammal biology and genetics/ecology to sea-ice work done at IARC, as well as subs…
RT @TheUAFpub: Today's Brewery spotlight is Kassik's Brewery! This brewery is home to some of our favorite beers including Moose Point Port…
Friendlier skies today after a few days of ice fog. #UAF100 #NaturallyInspiring
Outdoor Ice It's warmer than -20 this afternoon. The UAF DRAW outdoor ice wall will be open for climbing at 4pm. #UAF100 #NaturallyInspiring
Department of Recreation, Adventure and Wellness
RT @SNAPandACCAP: Take a look at how #Alaska's temp in 2016 compares to previous years. Courtesy of @NWSAlaska.
RT @NanookHockey: Headed north to Bowling Green. Go ‘Nooks!
RT @sikuliaq: For Arthur Levine, learning to navigate through icy water is a highlight of working on the #Sikuliaq.…
The Sun Star Bookmark The Sun Star website to stay up on things happening on and around the Fairbanks campus this semester. #UAF100 #NanookNation
The Voice of UAF, Your Source for Student News
Every morning when I get to work I see my name on the door. Makes me reflect for a moment on my life, how I got here and how fortunate I am to share on social media the wonderful and ...
Looking good for 4:30 am Friday rocket launch at Poker Flat Research Range. Live video feed at
Late night husky cuddles. #husky #huskymix #huskywolf #huskylovers #wolf #wolfhybrid #nanook #nanookofthenorth #nanooknation #bestfriend #bestfriends #dogsofinsta
Welp…after more than 24 years in #fairbanks I finally joined the #40belowclub. I don't own a bikini, so I made do with a @skirtsports sports bra and skirt, @stegermukluks, and handmade (not by me) beaver mitts and alpaca wool hat ...
It's GAME DAY! Alaska men's basketball is back in action at the Alaska Airlines Court to take on the Concordia Cavaliers tonight at 7pm AKST. See you there, #nanooknation!
It's GAME DAY! Alaska takes on the Concordia Cavaliers tonight at the Alaska Airlines Court at 7pm. Let's…
@tgrams36 in Morocco last week! Looks a bit warmer than Fairbanks. #uafglobal #nanooknation
Hope you're all staying warm out there! #uafglobal #nanooknation
Staying stylish at #40below. #naturallyinspiring
Students pose during -40 weather on the Fairbanks campus.
RT @codybelle: University of Alaska Fairbanks is looking for a prevention coordinator, I'm here, ask me questions #nanooknation #NAPSAStrat…
We did it. I am happy to call these crazy musicians my colleagues in the 40 Below Club. 😂🙈😱❄️☃️ •

#musicians #alaska #getoutside #potd #instadaily #universityofalaskafairbanks #naturallyinspiring #40belowclub #nanooktraditions
On the Fairbanks campus today. #40below #alaska #naturallyinspiring
Photo by official student photographer Zayn Roohi.
The Fairbanks campus at -40 in January 2017. Photos by UAF official student photographer Zayn Roohi.
This is what happens when you toss a mug of hot water into air cooled to -40. #40below #arcticscience #alaska #naturallyinspiring
Tossing hot water into the air when it's -40.
Sun has risen on the first day of classes for the 2017 spring semester. #nanooknation #alaska
How to Maintain your Motivation onlinecounsellingcollege:
1. Set realistic and achievable goals. These should be something that appeal to you as it’s hard to go after another person’s goals.

2. Think of meaningful ways to reward your progress.

3. Expect to have set-backs and to ...
Alaska Nanooks vs Northwest Nazarene Crusaders on January 12, 2016.
#winter #outdoorchess game on the Fairbanks campus. Spring 2017 classes start next week! #uaf100 #naturallyinspiring #latergram
View from the Fairbanks campus in December 2016. #latergram #naturallyinspiring #uaf100
From a 2016 photoshoot with UAF student ambassadors. #nanooknation #latergram #thepowerhouseofthecell
Rod Boertje is one o Rod Boertje is one of a few scientists who have done field work in Alaska on the coldest days of winter.
Want a pair of tech friendly gloves from #nanooktraditions? Tell us what events you want to see! We've ordered movies, booked an awesome comedian, and so much more! But we want to hear from you!
UAF Happy New Year e-card The University of Alaska Fairbanks wishes everyone a happy new year as part of its centennial kickoff on Dec. 31, 2016.
UAF - 2016 - Glenn Juday at #AGU16 Glenn Juday is a professor emeritus of forest ecology with the UAF School of Natural Resources and Extension. He attended the 2016 fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union and talked with us about the poster he presented titled “Resilience ...
UAF - 2016 - Nealy Sims at #AGU16 Nealey E Sims studies seismology at the University of Alaska Fairbanks Geophysical Institute. Here she talks about the poster she presented at the 2016 fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union titled "Earthquake Swarms in Interior Alaska."

Recorded using Periscope.
UAF - 2016 - Kate Hedstrom at #AGU16 Katherine Hedstrom works at the University of Alaska Fairbanks College of Fisheries and Ocean Science. Here she talks about the poster he presented at the 2016 fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union titled "A High-Resolution Model of the Beaufort ...
UAF - 2016 - Pips Veazey at #AGU16 Pips Veazey is Associate Project Director at Alaska EPSCoR based on the Fairbanks campus of the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Here she talks about the poster she presented at the 2016 fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union titled "Building ...
Quick Recipe: Creamy Quick Recipe: Creamy Lemon Pasta with Spinach & Peas
How to Make Crispy, How to Make Crispy, Cheesy Quesadillas on the Stove Top
Recipe: Crunchy Blac Recipe: Crunchy Black Bean Tacos — Cookbook Recipe from Love Your Leftovers
Look at all the #nanookswag my students loaded me up with today!! So pumped to be a part of #nanooktraditions #nanooknation and @uafsao!!
Dorm Room Ideas: Rea Dorm Room Ideas: Really Good Wall Art for Under $50 | Apartment Therapy
Vika is helping peop Vika is helping people move into their dorms this morning. #NanookNation
Oliver's #Kryptonics Oliver's #Kryptonics board resurfaced with Rustoleum. It's a chalkboard surface now.
Lydia's late fall #O Lydia's late fall #OOTD #autumn #collegeclothes
Infographic- Google Infographic- Google Glass In Education - Getting Smart by Getting Smart Staff - EdTech, edtechchat, Google, google glass, infographic
Dixie is a 10 week o Dixie is a 10 week old cocker #spaniel/#pomeranian mix #puppy
Getting rid of Black Getting rid of Blackheads with fine salt and soda. Take gel facial wash, mix with tablespoon of baking soda and tablespoon of salt. Apply to damp skin with cotton pad, leave for 5 mins.

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