Health care recommendations

The Joint Health Care Committee met on Feb. 1 to take action on nine health care motions, which were initially presented in an October 2012 meeting and submitted in writing for approval on Nov. 7. Before implementing those motions into the UA Choice plan, President Gamble requested employee feedback through forums.

After careful consideration of the feedback and a review of additional information received, the JHCC decided to rescind two motions including implementation of a spousal surcharge and to eliminate the opt out option from the UA Choice Plan.  Neither option will be forwarded for implemention by the JHCC at this time.

The JHCC also passed a motion confirming new plan names and another motion to continue with the Signature Plan on the VSP contract and increase the allowance for frames/contacts to $150.

Michelle Rizk, interim chief human resources officer, now has 20 days to either approve or deny these motions and recommendations before they are implemented into plan policy.

For a full review of the JHCC and its function within the university health care system, read the following article in The Statewide Voice.

To download notes from the health care forums, go here: