Fittest Winner Competition season two

It’s always a pleasure to recognize a job well done, but I was especially pleased with the results of our inaugural Fittest Winner Competition last spring. The participants’ efforts far exceeded my expectations — 500 faculty and staff participated on 46 teams, averaging six hours of exercise a week and collectively losing over 2,400 pounds. Congratulations!

Now that I know you’re up for the challenge, I am pleased to announce the formation of a second UAF Fittest Winner Competition beginning Tuesday, Oct. 2.

Teams from across campus will compete over 10 weeks to see which team can exercise the most and lose the most weight. Again, the emphasis is on exercise, so minutes of exercise will count for 80 percent of the score and weight loss for 20 percent.

There are a few changes this fall including more recognition and team prizes as well as recognition for individuals. We’d also like teams to be no larger than 15 team members, and you’ll need to submit exercise in exact minutes instead of 15-minute increments.

More information on the competition can be found at

The wide-ranging benefits of exercise are well known. This is your opportunity to team up with your colleagues and have a little fun while getting fit. It’s my hope that this competition will lead to personal satisfaction for all the participants.