UAF names fall 2012 honors students

Marmian Grimes

The University of Alaska Fairbanks has announced the students named to the deans’ and chancellor’s lists for the fall 2012 semester. The lists recognize students’ outstanding academic achievements.

Students receiving a 3.9 grade point average or higher are placed on the chancellor’s list, while those receiving a grade point average of between 3.5 and 3.89 are named to the deans’ list.

UAF is a Land, Sea and Space Grant institution with an enrollment of nearly 11,000 students. Located 160 miles south of the Arctic Circle, UAF is the leading doctoral-degree-granting institution in the state. Since it was founded in 1917, UAF has been internationally recognized for research relating to the Arctic and subarctic, in areas such as biology, geophysics, engineering, natural resources and global climate change.

The complete honors list is available at


Andrew ArnoldAnchorageAKDean’s List
Leo A. BarlowAnchorageAKDean’s List
Levi BarsisAnchorageAKDean’s List
Morgan L. BenderAnchorageAKChancellor’s List
Jared T. BoergerAnchorageAKDean’s List
Pauline R. BoratkoAnchorageAKChancellor’s List
Caleb CrockettAnchorageAKChancellor’s List
Courtney R. DarnellAnchorageAKDean’s List
Kailyn N. DavisAnchorageAKDean’s List
Trevor M. DoxseeAnchorageAKDean’s List
Lindsey A. DudleyAnchorageAKDean’s List
Ingrid R. DyeAnchorageAKDean’s List
Bucky J. FrostAnchorageAKChancellor’s List
Kirk G. GallardoAnchorageAKChancellor’s List
Erin K. GingrichAnchorageAKDean’s List
Nathan D. GoeringAnchorageAKDean’s List
John R. HenryAnchorageAKChancellor’s List
Sarah R. HoffmanAnchorageAKDean’s List
Kerilee IvanoffAnchorageAKDean’s List
Jasper C. JacksonAnchorageAKDean’s List
Genevieve K. KapatakAnchorageAKDean’s List
Ryan T. McLaughlinAnchorageAKChancellor’s List
Theresa G. MiletteAnchorageAKChancellor’s List
Shannon M. MooreAnchorageAKChancellor’s List
Nikki N. NavioAnchorageAKDean’s List
Christine A. O’CallaghanAnchorageAKChancellor’s List
Austyn J. OnstottAnchorageAKDean’s List
Kelsey A. OpstadAnchorageAKChancellor’s List
Alan L. PasikowskiAnchorageAKDean’s List
Kasey V. PrivettAnchorageAKDean’s List
Adrian H. RamosAnchorageAKDean’s List
Hayley M. RodgersAnchorageAKChancellor’s List
Elika M. RoohiAnchorageAKDean’s List
Daniel B. SandstromAnchorageAKDean’s List
Kylie N. StreetAnchorageAKDean’s List
Halley M. StrobeAnchorageAKDean’s List
Connor D. SwansonAnchorageAKDean’s List
David S. TatarenkoAnchorageAKChancellor’s List
Sophia D. TidlerAnchorageAKDean’s List
Jacqueline H. ToddAnchorageAKDean’s List
Ryan P. TurpinAnchorageAKDean’s List
Colby T. WallaceAnchorageAKDean’s List
Kirsten M. WilliamsAnchorageAKDean’s List
Kendall WinslowAnchorageAKDean’s List
Addison J. YangAnchorageAKDean’s List
April B. BorstAndersonAKChancellor’s List
Jannel B. DavidBarrowAKDean’s List
Jennifer J. MartelleBarrowAKChancellor’s List
Jennifer J. KlejkaBethelAKChancellor’s List
Adrienne E. SmythBig LakeAKChancellor’s List
Gail K. EvanoffChenega BayAKDean’s List
Kenneth D. BrewerChugiakAKDean’s List
Peter BrewerChugiakAKChancellor’s List
Jessica L. EicherChugiakAKChancellor’s List
Matthew D. KeithChugiakAKChancellor’s List
Kryston L. McPhetresChugiakAKDean’s List
Alyson M. McPhetresChugiakAKChancellor’s List
Brett A. SchimmackChugiakAKDean’s List
Austin J. SomaduroffChugiakAKChancellor’s List
Charles E. JohnCircleAKDean’s List
Paul S. NathanielCircleAKChancellor’s List
Ashley M. BartolowitsClam GulchAKChancellor’s List
Amanda M. McphersonClearAKChancellor’s List
Samuel L. DempsterClear AFSAKDean’s List
Alexander S. Van WyheCopper CenterAKChancellor’s List
Stacey M. SimmonsCraigAKDean’s List
Dylan M. CarpenterDelta JunctionAKDean’s List
Ruslan P. KolesnikDelta JunctionAKChancellor’s List
John J. NetardusDelta JunctionAKDean’s List
Allie S. PeltoDelta JunctionAKDean’s List
Jody ZollmanDelta JunctionAKChancellor’s List
Kristina D. RamirezDillinghamAKChancellor’s List
Michelle L. VanderpoolDillinghamAKDean’s List
John A. DimondDouglasAKDean’s List
Kyle T. HaskinsDutch HarborAKChancellor’s List
Robert L. CollesEagle RiverAKDean’s List
Briana R. CollinsEagle RiverAKChancellor’s List
Valerie M. CollinsEagle RiverAKChancellor’s List
Dakota W. EmeryEagle RiverAKDean’s List
Moriah M. HunstigerEagle RiverAKChancellor’s List
Lorianne C. MordiniEagle RiverAKDean’s List
Paulette T. MordiniEagle RiverAKDean’s List
Ryan A. PaldaniusEagle RiverAKDean’s List
Benjamin J. RussellEagle RiverAKDean’s List
Kevin M. GrecoEagle RiverAKDean’s List
Devante J. OwensEielsonAKDean’s List
Robert P. GonzalesEielson AFBAKDean’s List
Stephanie A. LucioEielson AFBAKChancellor’s List
Jeni L. MeadowsEielson AFBAKDean’s List
Rebecca L. WarrenEielson AFBAKChancellor’s List
Patricia C. LindowEkwokAKChancellor’s List
Aaron L. AndrewsEsterAKDean’s List
Kelly N. CannonEsterAKChancellor’s List
Gabriel E. DavisEsterAKDean’s List
Kyle G. MoehlinEsterAKDean’s List
Satya K. PartykaEsterAKDean’s List
Anastasia A. RohnEsterAKDean’s List
Trevor J. SherrillEsterAKChancellor’s List
Katelyn G. StrednyEsterAKDean’s List
Lynn A. RothFairbankAKChancellor’s List
Kristopher W. AbernathyFairbanksAKDean’s List
Melany Abigania-ChunFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Marian Joy D. AguilarFairbanksAKDean’s List
Emily A. AhernFairbanksAKDean’s List
Travis M. AlataloFairbanksAKDean’s List
Katrina M. AleongFairbanksAKDean’s List
Seth C. AlexanderFairbanksAKDean’s List
Clay S. AllenFairbanksAKDean’s List
Kai F. AllenFairbanksAKDean’s List
Charles R. AllisonFairbanksAKDean’s List
Grace A. AmundsenFairbanksAKDean’s List
Britney N. AndersonFairbanksAKDean’s List
Ryan D. AndersonFairbanksAKDean’s List
Kelsea L. AnthonyFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Katelyn M. AragonFairbanksAKDean’s List
Madeline A. ArimaFairbanksAKDean’s List
Katy R. ArmstrongFairbanksAKDean’s List
Stephanie L. AshcraftFairbanksAKDean’s List
Claire J. AshmeadFairbanksAKDean’s List
Lee A. AtencioFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Sarah E. AzaraelFairbanksAKDean’s List
Angelica K. BaalamFairbanksAKDean’s List
Claire-Elise A. BaalkeFairbanksAKDean’s List
Bryan M BabbFairbanksAKDean’s List
Annelise BachelderFairbanksAKDean’s List
Euris M. BaezFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Karen B. BakerFairbanksAKDean’s List
Trevor R. Baker ReynoldsFairbanksAKDean’s List
Daniel BaklanovFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Jungmin BallardFairbanksAKDean’s List
Christopher E. BalsewiczFairbanksAKDean’s List
Logan M. BalstadFairbanksAKDean’s List
Karen N. BarnardFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Brandon M. BarnesFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Ganbat BatzorigFairbanksAKDean’s List
J D. BaxterFairbanksAKDean’s List
Colton B. BeckFairbanksAKDean’s List
Galina K. BellFairbanksAKDean’s List
Jana M. BenedixFairbanksAKDean’s List
Tyler J. BergstromFairbanksAKDean’s List
Noah A. BetzenFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Hannah E. BilaferFairbanksAKDean’s List
Dallen S. BillsFairbanksAKDean’s List
Kayla B. BishopFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Kevin A. BishopFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Stephen J. BishopFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Matthew J. BlakeFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Michelle K. BoboFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Wade C. BomanFairbanksAKDean’s List
Hunter D. BomarFairbanksAKDean’s List
Baxter W. BondFairbanksAKDean’s List
Shaun P. BondFairbanksAKDean’s List
Eric D. BooklessFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Noah R. BooneFairbanksAKDean’s List
Chaitanya S. BoradeFairbanksAKDean’s List
Ashley M. BowenFairbanksAKDean’s List
Lucas D. BowersFairbanksAKDean’s List
Melissa J. BowmanFairbanksAKDean’s List
Earl D. BoyceFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Patrick S. BrandonFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Lacey J. BrewsterFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Joshua A. BrodaFairbanksAKDean’s List
Raymond S. BrooksFairbanksAKDean’s List
Daniel A. BrossFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Heather A. BruhnFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Jeffrey M. BueFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Rebecca A. BurcellFairbanksAKDean’s List
Saul C. BurgerFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Brandon J. BurgettFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Christian M. Burns-ShaferFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Joseph F. ByrnesFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Joseph S. CahillFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Jared M. CaiazzaFairbanksAKDean’s List
Justin M. CannonFairbanksAKDean’s List
Mathew T. CarrickFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Emily S. CarrollFairbanksAKDean’s List
Russell C. CarrollFairbanksAKDean’s List
Ariana N. CaseyFairbanksAKDean’s List
Lauren A. CavanaghNova ScotiaCanadaDean’s List
Fernanda M. ChamorroFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Mark D. Charpentier IIFairbanksAKDean’s List
Jaclyn M. CheekFairbanksAKDean’s List
Rebecca G. CheekFairbanksAKDean’s List
Lucas M. CheekFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
John T. CheshireFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Brittany H. ChildressFairbanksAKDean’s List
Abraham P. ChristensonFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Kazimir D. CizmowskiFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Renita L. ClarkFairbanksAKDean’s List
Colleen I. ClelandFairbanksAKDean’s List
Dymond B. ClemonsFairbanksAKDean’s List
Nathanial M. ColeFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
DeJa N. ColemanFairbanksAKDean’s List
Portia A. ColletteFairbanksAKDean’s List
Ria L. ConradFairbanksAKDean’s List
James C. CookFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Kathrine F. CoonjohnFairbanksAKDean’s List
Kaiyuh R. CornbergFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Travis J. CortezFairbanksAKDean’s List
Beau Steven J. CountsFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Michael B. CourtneyFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Lance T. CowanFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Levi P. CowanFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Nicole M. CowansFairbanksAKDean’s List
Kyle L. CraneFairbanksAKDean’s List
Sean P. CrawfordFairbanksAKDean’s List
Stephen P. CristFairbanksAKDean’s List
Merri E. CroanFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Cole T. CrockettFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Bradley H. CruickshanksFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Samantha N. CsucsaiFairbanksAKDean’s List
Tabitha L. CurrenceFairbanksAKDean’s List
Eva M. DahFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Jennifer L. DanielsonFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Corey M. DayFairbanksAKDean’s List
Melvin R. DenningFairbanksAKDean’s List
Kaylee M. DennisFairbanksAKDean’s List
Rhonda L. DeWildeFairbanksAKDean’s List
Kylie M. DickersonFairbanksAKDean’s List
Krystal L. DicksonFairbanksAKDean’s List
Anthony L. DileonardoFairbanksAKDean’s List
Diana A. DillardFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Sarah J. DoetschmanFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Julia M. DuncanFairbanksAKDean’s List
Georgia C. DurdenFairbanksAKDean’s List
Eran E. EadsFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Britt M. EbbessonFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Rodney B. Ebersole IIFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Allison A. EbyFairbanksAKDean’s List
Alexander S. EdgarFairbanksAKDean’s List
Erika EdgarFairbanksAKDean’s List
Heather M. EdicFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Eric B. EdwardsFairbanksAKDean’s List
Christopher M. EhlersFairbanksAKDean’s List
Bethany J. EisenmanFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Lureena L. EllingsonFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Caitlin M. ElliottFairbanksAKDean’s List
Samantha L. EntersFairbanksAKDean’s List
Mats ErikssonFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Juanita A. EsmailkaFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Mark P. EvansFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Nicholas M. EvansFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Garrett D. EvridgeFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Sara N. FalconerFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Sarah L. FarleyFairbanksAKDean’s List
Nathan C. FeemsterFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Michael FehrenbachFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Adam W. FenderFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Dane L. FilemyrFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Whitney L. FisherFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Devon L. FitzpatrickFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Dodd M. FlemingFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Iris R. FletcherFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Charles R. FlintFairbanksAKDean’s List
Brandy K. FloresFairbanksAKDean’s List
Ana C. FochesattoFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Benjamin G. FosterFairbanksAKDean’s List
Jennifer H. FranksFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Tracy R. FreelFairbanksAKDean’s List
Mari B. FreitagFairbanksAKDean’s List
Taylor H. FullerFairbanksAKDean’s List
Stacey L. GarbettFairbanksAKDean’s List
Luke C. GeorgeFairbanksAKDean’s List
Audrey L GibsonFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Corbin R. GieckFairbanksAKDean’s List
Kelsey L. GilbertFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Brittany C. GlaeserFairbanksAKDean’s List
Andrew J. GlasgowFairbanksAKDean’s List
Brigid B. GleasonFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Cassandra J. GlebaviciusFairbanksAKDean’s List
Lucas Gomes Moreira JorgeFairbanksAKDean’s List
Jessica D. GomezFairbanksAKDean’s List
Emily J. GoodridgeFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Alyssa L. GrabnerFairbanksAKDean’s List
Logan W. GravesFairbanksAKDean’s List
Anne M. GrayFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Sarah D. GrayFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Claire E. GreenblattFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Kimberly E. GreenwayFairbanksAKDean’s List
Kathryn A. GriffinFairbanksAKDean’s List
Jacob GriffithFairbanksAKDean’s List
Katherine L. GuillemetteFairbanksAKDean’s List
Shadoe M. HaffnerFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Teri L. HahnFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Alec M. HajdukovichFairbanksAKDean’s List
Kaylyn N. HaleFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Sonya F. HaleFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
James R. HallFairbanksAKDean’s List
Tristian M. HallFairbanksAKDean’s List
Aaron HallFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Shannon S. HammondFairbanksAKDean’s List
Scott A. HancockFairbanksAKDean’s List
Logan L. HannemanFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Matthew G. HardyFairbanksAKDean’s List
Amber L. HargerFairbanksAKDean’s List
Jonathan A. HarlingFairbanksAKDean’s List
Sara E. HarmanFairbanksAKDean’s List
Martin J. HarringtonFairbanksAKDean’s List
Erica M. HarrisFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Josephine M. HartleyFairbanksAKDean’s List
Harmonie J. HarveyFairbanksAKDean’s List
Nathan J. HeeringaFairbanksAKDean’s List
Cord B. HegeFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Jonathan G. HeintzFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Bente HellerFairbanksAKDean’s List
David HernandezFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Amber M. HessFairbanksAKDean’s List
Max J. Hesser-KnollFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Kayli C. HildebrandFairbanksAKDean’s List
Leah M. HillFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Aaron M. HinkeyFairbanksAKDean’s List
Edward R. HixFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Anna P. HjelmevollFairbanksAKDean’s List
Charles R. Hnilicka IIIFairbanksAKDean’s List
Jesse A. HobbsFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Elizabeth HolcombFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Tammy R. HollandFairbanksAKDean’s List
Chelsea R. HoltFairbanksAKDean’s List
Heather M. HoltFairbanksAKDean’s List
Sophia N. HoltonFairbanksAKDean’s List
Amanda R. HolyfieldFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Scherri A. HoopesFairbanksAKDean’s List
Bryant G. HopkinsFairbanksAKDean’s List
Heather J. HopsonFairbanksAKDean’s List
Gerry W. HovdaFairbanksAKDean’s List
Kyla M. HovdaFairbanksAKDean’s List
Robert J. HovdaFairbanksAKDean’s List
James J. HovendenFairbanksAKDean’s List
Tristan J. HovestFairbanksAKDean’s List
Sarah N. HowensteinFairbanksAKDean’s List
Cecilia A. HullFairbanksAKDean’s List
Jordan M. HumeFairbanksAKDean’s List
Nolan H. HuysmansFairbanksAKDean’s List
Lindsey A. JacobsenFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Chrystina D. JacobsonFairbanksAKDean’s List
Zachary T. JacobsonFairbanksAKDean’s List
Margit S. JaegerFairbanksAKDean’s List
Joanna C. JagowFairbanksAKDean’s List
Dani Z. JohnsonFairbanksAKDean’s List
Bryan R. JohnsonFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Demi D. JohnsonFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Rhiannon R. JohnsonFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Erin L. JohnstonFairbanksAKDean’s List
John T. JonesFairbanksAKDean’s List
Megan A. JonesFairbanksAKDean’s List
Mallory E. JonesFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Zahra M. JosephFairbanksAKDean’s List
Krysta L. JuergensenFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Kevin D. JutilaFairbanksAKDean’s List
Brianna S. KaferFairbanksAKDean’s List
Sophie A. KameroffFairbanksAKDean’s List
Denise E. KarellaFairbanksAKDean’s List
Nicole M. KarlFairbanksAKDean’s List
Stacey J. KeeneyFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Hannah M. KeithFairbanksAKDean’s List
Michael L. KellerFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Samantha L. KelleyFairbanksAKDean’s List
Jennifer M. KemperFairbanksAKDean’s List
Matthew M. KenneyFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Tiffany L. KesterFairbanksAKDean’s List
Amanda L. KingFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Sarah J. KingFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Ian J. KjeraFairbanksAKDean’s List
Michelle E. KlabenFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Amanda L. KlimascheskyFairbanksAKDean’s List
Cody S. KlingmanFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Lindsey M. KlueberFairbanksAKDean’s List
Dallon KnightFairbanksAKDean’s List
Esther S. KnutsonFairbanksAKDean’s List
Adam J. KohleyFairbanksAKDean’s List
Erik C. KornkvenFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Analeesha L. KoumalFairbanksAKDean’s List
Celanise M. KozarikFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Mindona M. KrzykowskiFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Richard J. KuboskeFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Cody W. KunykFairbanksAKDean’s List
Sarah M. LaBelleFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Amber L. LammersFairbanksAKDean’s List
Isaac J. LammersFairbanksAKDean’s List
Kaylee M. LarsonFairbanksAKDean’s List
Kristopher L. LarsonFairbanksAKDean’s List
Courtney E. LauerFairbanksAKDean’s List
Terilyn K. LawsonFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Caleb L. LeavittFairbanksAKDean’s List
Misty T. LecceseFairbanksAKDean’s List
Sang H. LeeFairbanksAKDean’s List
Josiah A. LeighFairbanksAKDean’s List
Kira E. LeonardFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Ann L. LewisFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Brittany A. LewisFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Savannah F. LewisFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Brandon L. LewsaderFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Micaiah R. LiebhoberFairbanksAKDean’s List
Kassandra LiesenfeldFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
James R. LillyFairbanksAKDean’s List
DeAnne C. LincolnFairbanksAKDean’s List
Ryan C. LindFairbanksAKDean’s List
Camille LinnFairbanksAKDean’s List
Jessica L. LipsonFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Heidi L. LivengoodFairbanksAKDean’s List
Jessica M. LongFairbanksAKDean’s List
Campbell J. LongworthFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Michael J. Lowe JrFairbanksAKDean’s List
Cameron LucchesiFairbanksAKDean’s List
Rochelle F. LuceroFairbanksAKDean’s List
Chance L. LutherFairbanksAKDean’s List
Lauren A. Lyda-PriestFairbanksAKDean’s List
Christa L. LynchFairbanksAKDean’s List
Angela LynnFAIRBANKSAKChancellor’s List
Danielle D. LyonsFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Ross P. MacDougallFairbanksAKDean’s List
Kyle J. MachidaFairbanksAKDean’s List
Danelle L. MacPhailFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Mary L. MaderFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Karl R. MainFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Kristie L. MajorFairbanksAKDean’s List
Darlene R. MalamuteFairbanksAKDean’s List
Macy M. MannFairbanksAKDean’s List
Bridget A. MartinFairbanksAKDean’s List
Crystal R. MartinFairbanksAKDean’s List
Matthew J. MartinFairbanksAKDean’s List
Evan M. MathersFairbanksAKDean’s List
Kevin MayFairbanksAKDean’s List
Coty K. MayoFairbanksAKDean’s List
Ema MayoFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Erin E. McAulayFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Brian E. McDermottFairbanksAKDean’s List
Melody H. McIlroyFairbanksAKDean’s List
Jessica F. McLaughlinFairbanksAKDean’s List
Kyle D. McMillanFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Courtney L. McNeillFairbanksAKDean’s List
Sindy E. Mendez-EspinoFairbanksAKDean’s List
Sean A. MerrimanFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Yan MiaoFairbanksAKDean’s List
Yu MiaoFairbanksAKDean’s List
Virginia G. MinerFairbanksAKDean’s List
Emmeline A. MitchellFairbanksAKDean’s List
Ilya V. MocharnyyFairbanksAKDean’s List
Matthew D. MokracekFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Fred D. Monrean JrFairbanksAKDean’s List
Devan W. MoodyFairbanksAKDean’s List
Jennifer M. MorganFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Ryan C. MoritzFairbanksAKDean’s List
Stefany D. MorrisFairbanksAKDean’s List
Alexandria V. MorrisFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Samai MunozFairbanksAKDean’s List
Jonathan E. MurphyFairbanksAKDean’s List
Shea P. MurphyFairbanksAKDean’s List
Lisa M. MurrayFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
April J. MustardFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Takae NakajimaFairbanksAKDean’s List
Jonathan A. NationsFairbanksAKDean’s List
Kaylyn L. NelsonFairbanksAKDean’s List
Justin D. NelsonFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Danielle C. NeroFairbanksAKDean’s List
Jonathan T. NewellFairbanksAKDean’s List
Logan D. NicholsFairbanksAKDean’s List
Jillian A. NicolazzoFairbanksAKDean’s List
Ferryn J. NowatzkiFairbanksAKDean’s List
Florence M. NukusukFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Shawna C. NuttFairbanksAKDean’s List
Allison M. OddyFairbanksAKDean’s List
Kaare K. OdegardFairbanksAKDean’s List
Benjamin L. OehrigFairbanksAKDean’s List
Kyoko OkanoFairbanksAKDean’s List
Meghan A. OLearyFairbanksAKDean’s List
Colin J. OlnerFairbanksAKDean’s List
Kelli D. OrcuttFairbanksAKDean’s List
Simon W. OrtegaFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Ricky L. Osborne JrFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Maria D. OsornioFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Erin L. OstrowskiFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Karl A. OttFairbanksAKDean’s List
Levi D. OverbeckFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Paul D. OwensFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Ondrej PalecekFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Colton W. ParaykoFairbanksAKDean’s List
Ellen F. ParkerFairbanksAKDean’s List
John A. ParsonsFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Adam B. PaskvanFairbanksAKDean’s List
Asmeret M. PayneFairbanksAKDean’s List
John M. PenderFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Michaella A. PerezFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Kara L. PerkinsFairbanksAKDean’s List
Macalaugh M. PerkinsFairbanksAKDean’s List
Steven E. PerkinsFairbanksAKDean’s List
Benjamin P. PersonFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
James M. PetrilliFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Daniel L. PfalmerFairbanksAKDean’s List
Sara K. PhillipsFairbanksAKDean’s List
Elizabeth A. PhillipsFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Kevin R. PhillipsFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Andrea C. PhoenixFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Heidi E. PichlerFairbanksAKDean’s List
Nannette N. PiersonFairbanksAKDean’s List
Crystal D. PitneyFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Thomas G. PolasekFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Samantha S. PorrecaFairbanksAKDean’s List
Lacey PriceFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Michael D. PritchardFairbanksAKDean’s List
Leonid N. Pryt SrFairbanksAKDean’s List
Sergej PucarFairbanksAKDean’s List
Liana K. PuruggananFairbanksAKDean’s List
Michael A. QuinnFairbanksAKDean’s List
Alyssa A. QuintyneFairbanksAKDean’s List
John K. RaeseFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Jacob L. RahlfsFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Chelsey N. RandFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Margaret N. Ransdell-GreenFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Matthew RansonFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Joshua M. RaubFairbanksAKDean’s List
Matthew D. ReadFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Robert J. ReamsFairbanksAKDean’s List
Rhiannon ReedFairbanksAKDean’s List
Dustin S. ReedFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Jonathan D. ReedFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Tracy W. ReevesFairbanksAKDean’s List
Jordin M. ReitanoFairbanksAKDean’s List
Max C. ReuterFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Virginia K. RichardsFairbanksAKDean’s List
Rebecca C. RidleyFairbanksAKDean’s List
Paul R. RiosFairbanksAKDean’s List
Marit RjabovFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Peter T. RoachFairbanksAKDean’s List
Miriam R. RobbeFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Amanda M. RobertsonFairbanksAKDean’s List
Mark A. RobinsonFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Rafael RodriguezFairbanksAKDean’s List
Amy E. RoganFairbanksAKDean’s List
Alisha N. RogersFairbanksAKDean’s List
TealFairbanksAKDean’s List
Sydney E. RosenbalmFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Nina O. RuckhausFairbanksAKDean’s List
Heather R. SacoraFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Stephanie M. SandbergFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Katelyn P. SandersFairbanksAKDean’s List
Najmus SaqibFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Joseph T. SaundersFairbanksAKDean’s List
Eilish C. SaundersFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Pearl L. SavageFairbanksAKDean’s List
Quinn M. SawyerFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Stephanie M. ScaddingFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Kenley D. ScarlettFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Wesley E. SchaeferFairbanksAKDean’s List
Lynea D. SchellFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Valerie A. SchleichFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Rebekah M. SchmidtFairbanksAKDean’s List
Theresia M. SchnurrFairbanksAKDean’s List
Eva R. SchraderFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Megan L. SchrederFairbanksAKDean’s List
Sarah M. SeifertFairbanksAKDean’s List
Douglas W. SeiffertFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Aspen L. SevernsFairbanksAKDean’s List
Mary P. ShafferFairbanksAKDean’s List
Donna L. SharpFairbanksAKDean’s List
Taylor K. ShidelerFairbanksAKDean’s List
Aaron R. ShoultsFairbanksAKDean’s List
Raphaela SieberFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Leslie G. SiegfriedFairbanksAKDean’s List
Nina K. SikesFairbanksAKDean’s List
James M. SimmermanFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Amara J. SimmonsFairbanksAKDean’s List
Timothy J. SimmonsFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Jocelyn M. SimpsonFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Melanie S. SindorfFairbanksAKDean’s List
Nikkol M. SipesFairbanksAKDean’s List
Priscilla J. SippleFairbanksAKDean’s List
Aaron R. SkartvedFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Amy SkyaFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Danelle N. SmallFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Patrick A. SmithFairbanksAKDean’s List
Yuridia Y. SmithFairbanksAKDean’s List
Justin T. SmithFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Kelsey SnellFairbanksAKDean’s List
David J. SnydermanFairbanksAKDean’s List
Ashley C. SockpickFairbanksAKDean’s List
Sandra SpeerstraFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Aaron G. SpencerFairbanksAKDean’s List
Keaton SpencerFairbanksAKDean’s List
Rawser W. SpicerFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Alicia V. SpielmanFairbanksAKDean’s List
Penne SpulerFairbanksAKDean’s List
Abbey L. StarkFairbanksAKDean’s List
Katlian K. StarkFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Adele M. StatesFairbanksAKDean’s List
Jenna E. SteffesFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Mary E. StrehlFairbanksAKDean’s List
Joshua StricklandFairbanksAKDean’s List
Harlee M. StuartFairbanksAKDean’s List
Susie C. SudderthFairbanksAKDean’s List
Hailey A. SundborgFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Shelby L. SurdykFairbanksAKDean’s List
Kaitlyn R. SurdykFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Richard SweetFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Christina M. TachickFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Lisa A. TackettFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Erik W. TalviFairbanksAKDean’s List
Henry J. TangFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Camden J. TaylorFairbanksAKDean’s List
Liza J. TaylorFairbanksAKDean’s List
Megan R. ThomasFairbanksAKDean’s List
Ariel M. ThomassonFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Amber J. ThompsonFairbanksAKDean’s List
Jeffery S. ThompsonFairbanksAKDean’s List
Steven E. ThompsonFairbanksAKDean’s List
Kamdon C. ThompsonFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Megan E. ThompsonFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Stefan TicaFairbanksAKDean’s List
David TiseFairbanksAKDean’s List
Tyler J. TomsFairbanksAKDean’s List
PaulW. TschidaFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Abigail J. TsigonisFairbanksAKDean’s List
Rebekah M. TsigonisFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Eric C. TupperFairbanksAKDean’s List
Thomas A. TurnboughFairbanksAKDean’s List
Norman D. TweetFairbanksAKDean’s List
Delmari D. TyndaleFairbanksAKDean’s List
Daniel F. UpdegroveFairbanksAKDean’s List
Katherine E. ValentineFairbanksAKDean’s List
Chase A. Van Flein HageFairbanksAKDean’s List
Matthew P. Van VeldhuizeFairbanksAKDean’s List
Ben J. VandermeerFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Zachary J. VehmeierFairbanksAKDean’s List
Lander A. Ver HoefFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Mariah Z. Ver HoefFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Ciara D. VillalobosFairbanksAKDean’s List
Teslyn I. VisscherFairbanksAKDean’s List
Lindsey L. Von BorstelFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Kirsten M. WarburtonFairbanksAKDean’s List
Eli D. WardFairbanksAKDean’s List
Martin WatkinsFairbanksAKDean’s List
Kaylee M. WatsonFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Alyssa N. WeaverFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Kristy L. WeaverFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Kaylin D. WeidenbachFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Scott D. WeisFairbanksAKDean’s List
Adam J. WeisFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Shawn T. WeixelmanFairbanksAKDean’s List
Nicholas C. WellsFairbanksAKDean’s List
Nicole D. WellsFairbanksAKDean’s List
Grace K. WestFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Matthew J. WestFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Emily G. WestbrookFairbanksAKDean’s List
Mallory A. WetheringtonFairbanksAKDean’s List
Parker A. WhaleyFairbanksAKDean’s List
Kristen G. WhelchelFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Allison E. WhitakerFairbanksAKDean’s List
Billyann R. WhiteFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Tegan D. White-NesbittFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Kai B. WhitehillFairbanksAKDean’s List
Amanda N. WhittemoreFairbanksAKDean’s List
Kyle C. WhittleFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Ian J. WilkinsonFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Robert T. WilliamsFairbanksAKDean’s List
Zakoriah R. WilliamsFairbanksAKDean’s List
Amy J. WilliamsFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Madison A. WilsonFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Hannah F. WingFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Temple M. WingfieldFairbanksAKDean’s List
Jordan W. WinkelmanFairbanksAKDean’s List
Evan J. WojtanekFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Alexandra R. WoodFairbanksAKDean’s List
Natasha T. WorkerFairbanksAKDean’s List
Laramie L. YanceyFairbanksAKDean’s List
Nikolas A. YaremchukFairbanksAKDean’s List
Yana V. YudinFairbanksAKDean’s List
Ashley M. ZaticaFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Brooke C. ZellwegerFairbanksAKChancellor’s List
Chelsey A. ZibellFairbanksAKDean’s List
Maarit E. HamiltonFairbanksAKDean’s List
Renee C. CramerFort WainwrightAKDean’s List
Esmirna L. CruzFort WainwrightAKDean’s List
Niesha EdwardsFort wainwrightAKDean’s List
Mollie D. EggerFort WainwrightAKChancellor’s List
Kati E. HaydenFort WainwrightAKDean’s List
Lyssa L. KemperFort WainwrightAKDean’s List
Casey A. LoeschenFort WainwrightAKDean’s List
Jessica L. MartinFort WainwrightAKChancellor’s List
Katherine E. MihalczoFort WainwrightAKChancellor’s List
Brittany J. OrtonFort WainwrightAKDean’s List
Patrice Payne-FattyFort WainwrightAKDean’s List
Kieauvie M. PughFort WainwrightAKDean’s List
Megan B. RudollFort WainwrightAKDean’s List
Rhiannon SparksFort WainwrightAKChancellor’s List
Samantha L. StanbroughFort WainwrightAKDean’s List
Katie N. WellsFort WainwrightAKDean’s List
Ashley ZellnerFort WainwrightAKChancellor’s List
Cynthia E. JackFort WainwrightAKDean’s List
Chloe C. JohnsonFort WainwrightAKDean’s List
Emily M. LyngholmFort WainwrightAKChancellor’s List
Colin J. LatimerFritz CreekAKChancellor’s List
John D. ScottGirdwoodAKChancellor’s List
Dustin C. CozbyGustavusAKDean’s List
Austin T. SchrothGustavusAKDean’s List
Frances M. DalyHainesAKChancellor’s List
Anastasia E. BreaseHealyAKDean’s List
Jacob A. CarterHealyAKDean’s List
Kamille R. GrahamHealyAKChancellor’s List
Benjamin L. RenshawHealyAKDean’s List
Kristen M. ScholtenHealyAKDean’s List
Darja SpringerHealyAKDean’s List
Denali D. CritchettHomerAKDean’s List
Jacqueline M. EisenbergHomerAKChancellor’s List
Jelena T. FliehmanHomerAKChancellor’s List
Jody F. GainesHomerAKDean’s List
Tux S. SeimsHomerAKDean’s List
Kyle J. WentzHomerAKChancellor’s List
Mark D. WojcinskiJberAKDean’s List
Franz J. FelklJuneauAKChancellor’s List
Evan G. FelklJuneauAKDean’s List
Benjamin P. HochJuneauAKChancellor’s List
Emily R. JohnsonJuneauAKDean’s List
Victoria R. LequeJuneauAKDean’s List
Jacob P. MonagleJuneauAKChancellor’s List
Katlyn B. RossJuneauAKDean’s List
Elliot J. SmithJuneauAKDean’s List
Jessica R. ThompsonJuneauAKDean’s List
Richard J. WardJuneauAKDean’s List
Phillip D. WhiteJuneauAKChancellor’s List
Scott R. BeginsKasilofAKDean’s List
Tamlyn L. SilvaKasilofAKDean’s List
Zachary A. RaglandKenaiAKChancellor’s List
Sebastian A. AlkireKenaiAKDean’s List
Calvin S. BeattieKetchikanAKDean’s List
Ryker L. DialKetchikanAKChancellor’s List
Chazz L. GistKetchikanAKDean’s List
Myrn McCordKetchikanAKChancellor’s List
Katrina L. MontaKetchikanAKDean’s List
Emily S. ArnickKodiakAKDean’s List
Caleb R. FishKodiakAKChancellor’s List
Ian A. MacDougallKodiakAKDean’s List
Travis I. MajdicKodiakAKDean’s List
Denali Q. WhitingKotzebueAKChancellor’s List
Zoya L. AyapanKwethlukAKDean’s List
Patricia M. DavidKwethlukAKChancellor’s List
Charles A. CarlsonLarsen BayAKDean’s List
Zackary R. AspelundNaknekAKDean’s List
Shawna C. WilsonNaknekAKDean’s List
Nancy P. RadtkeNanwalekAKDean’s List
Allan C. MortensonNenanaAKDean’s List
Merry Lee C. VerhagenNenanaAKChancellor’s List
Milton K. BakerNomeAKChancellor’s List
Cynthia M. BarrandNomeAKChancellor’s List
Lauren E. BookerNomeAKChancellor’s List
Lisa L. Ellanna StricklingNomeAKDean’s List
Darell N. TweetNomeAKDean’s List
Trevor M. AdamsNorth PoleAKChancellor’s List
Timothy A. AgeeNorth PoleAKChancellor’s List
Taryn K. AllenNorth PoleAKChancellor’s List
Maximillian L. AndersonNorth PoleAKChancellor’s List
Margaret ArroyoNorth PoleAKChancellor’s List
Jileen E. BackesNorth PoleAKDean’s List
Littie K. BallardNorth PoleAKChancellor’s List
Chris N. BallekNorth poleAKDean’s List
Rachel R. BifeltNorth PoleAKDean’s List
Kayce M. BlanchetteNorth PoleAKChancellor’s List
Julie L. BraleyNorth PoleAKDean’s List
Christopher C. BrittonNorth PoleAKDean’s List
Emily N. BrynerNorth PoleAKDean’s List
Blake A. BurleyNorth PoleAKChancellor’s List
Anastasia G. ButlerNorth PoleAKDean’s List
Renee K. CampigliaNorth PoleAKChancellor’s List
Rodolfo A. CarreraNorth PoleAKDean’s List
Melody S. ChambersNorth PoleAKChancellor’s List
Nicole M. ChambersNorth PoleAKChancellor’s List
Kimberly R. CoffmanNorth PoleAKDean’s List
Cody B. CoffmanNorth PoleAKChancellor’s List
Scott T. CorcoranNorth PoleAKDean’s List
Sheridan N. CulverNorth PoleAKDean’s List
Ezra E. CurryNorth PoleAKDean’s List
Mamie C. DavisNorth PoleAKChancellor’s List
Shaylene F. DublinNorth PoleAKChancellor’s List
Emily J. EltermanNorth PoleAKDean’s List
Kelly A. EmeryNorth PoleAKDean’s List
Mark S. EvansNorth PoleAKDean’s List
Deborah L. FeiereisenNorth PoleAKChancellor’s List
Chanda L. FileNorth PoleAKChancellor’s List
Jessica T. GarvinNorth PoleAKChancellor’s List
Douglas A. GelineauNorth PoleAKChancellor’s List
Rebecca L. GillisNorth PoleAKDean’s List
Jason D. GoetzNorth PoleAKDean’s List
Todd H. GroatNorth PoleAKChancellor’s List
Michael J. GrohmanNorth PoleAKChancellor’s List
Fred E. HallNorth PoleAKChancellor’s List
Michael J. HankeeNorth PoleAKDean’s List
Amanda M. HarrisonNorth PoleAKChancellor’s List
Kadn J. HartNorth PoleAKDean’s List
Eric J. HendersonNorth PoleAKChancellor’s List
Margaret A. HernandezNorth PoleAKChancellor’s List
Charles C. HillNorth PoleAKDean’s List
Stephanie D. HillNorth PoleAKDean’s List
Gerard R. HoholikNorth PoleAKChancellor’s List
Rorey J. HughesNorth PoleAKDean’s List
Edward S. HutchersonNorth PoleAKChancellor’s List
Neal P. JohnsonNorth PoleAKChancellor’s List
Travis L. LapointeNorth PoleAKChancellor’s List
Benjamin M. LauritzenNorth PoleAKDean’s List
Julio C. LopezNorth PoleAKChancellor’s List
Shanekia A. MangrumNorth PoleAKChancellor’s List
Christopher M. MarkieNorth PoleAKDean’s List
DeSean R. MartinNorth PoleAKDean’s List
James A. MartinNorth PoleAKDean’s List
Sophia L. MayNorth PoleAKChancellor’s List
William L. Maydwell JrNorth PoleAKDean’s List
Sara M. McBrideNorth PoleAKDean’s List
Veronica B. McCathernNorth PoleAKDean’s List
Matthew W. McGuireNorth PoleAKChancellor’s List
Kenneth A. McLeodNorth PoleAKChancellor’s List
Elygha T. MestonNorth PoleAKDean’s List
Jay L. MillionNorth PoleAKDean’s List
Amy B. MitchellNorth PoleAKChancellor’s List
Alexis MobiusNorth PoleAKDean’s List
Kristine J. OdomNorth PoleAKChancellor’s List
Brandie L. OlivaNorth PoleAKChancellor’s List
Anthony S. OrourkeNorth PoleAKChancellor’s List
Michael S. OrtegoNorth PoleAKChancellor’s List
Samantha L. OwensNorth PoleAKChancellor’s List
Jennifer PaniatiNorth PoleAKDean’s List
Matthew C. ParrishNorth PoleAKDean’s List
Chasity J. PerezNorth PoleAKDean’s List
Melanie K. PostNorth PoleAKChancellor’s List
Daniel J. RabjohnsNorth PoleAKDean’s List
Christopher W. RedmondNorth PoleAKDean’s List
Charles R. RennerNorth PoleAKDean’s List
Marchelle A. RennerNorth PoleAKDean’s List
Kristen N. RowlandNorth PoleAKDean’s List
Shelby M. SchreckhiseNorth PoleAKDean’s List
Kelsey L. ScottNorth PoleAKChancellor’s List
Christopher D. SmithNorth PoleAKDean’s List
Mckensie N. SorensenNorth PoleAKDean’s List
Randall P. StablesNorth PoleAKChancellor’s List
Kathryne L. StalkerNorth PoleAKDean’s List
Daniel L. StrigleNorth PoleAKDean’s List
Tanya R. StugartNorth PoleAKDean’s List
Jamaal M. TannerNorth PoleAKDean’s List
Sheila K. TealNorth PoleAKChancellor’s List
Shelly TerryNorth PoleAKDean’s List
Sam G. ThompsonNorth PoleAKChancellor’s List
Stephen N. TibbsNorth PoleAKChancellor’s List
Dylan W. TuckerNorth PoleAKDean’s List
Vincent A. ValentiNorth PoleAKChancellor’s List
Jessica L. VerreaultNorth PoleAKDean’s List
Victoria L. WaltonNorth PoleAKChancellor’s List
Brittney L. WardNorth PoleAKDean’s List
Sharisse T. WatkinsNorth PoleAKDean’s List
Charli R. WilliamsNorth PoleAKDean’s List
Kjersten L. WilliamsNorth PoleAKDean’s List
Brian J. WosterNorth PoleAKDean’s List
Adam P. WursterNorth PoleAKDean’s List
Emma M. ZeiselNorth PoleAKDean’s List
Carlie K. BaileyPalmerAKDean’s List
Colleen R. BuePalmerAKChancellor’s List
Garth J. HulbertPalmerAKDean’s List
Jasmin M. JohnsonPalmerAKDean’s List
Chelsea J. McCamonPalmerAKDean’s List
Danielle E. RiethPalmerAKDean’s List
William A. ShowalterPalmerAKChancellor’s List
Thomas M. SmyliePalmerAKDean’s List
Kirsten A. SwortsPalmerAKDean’s List
Randal E. HolmgrainPetersburgAKChancellor’s List
Zane T. DeBiltQuinhagakAKDean’s List
Lonny D. StrunkQuinhagakAKChancellor’s List
Tyler G. BairdSalchaAKChancellor’s List
Andra D. WoodardSewardAKDean’s List
Christopher J. ClementSitkaAKChancellor’s List
Cameron E. MutchlerSitkaAKDean’s List
Julie A. DorseySoldotnaAKChancellor’s List
Joshua B. StinnettSoldotnaAKDean’s List
Brittany R. VanSickleSoldotnaAKChancellor’s List
Chelsea J. WinterSterlingAKDean’s List
Sarah M. KincaidTalkeetnaAKChancellor’s List
Laura E. StahlTalkeetnaAKDean’s List
Reid E. GoneauTokAKDean’s List
Paige L. GoneauTokAKChancellor’s List
Ted A. RoachTokAKDean’s List
Sage E. TixierTokAKDean’s List
Sarah L. MeierottoTwo RiversAKDean’s List
Catherine R. OlsonTwo RiversAKChancellor’s List
Andrew R. SlagleTwo RiversAKDean’s List
Mackenzie R. StameyTwo RiversAKDean’s List
Nicole S. BrucknerUnalakleetAKDean’s List
Sharon A. RowlandUnalaskaAKDean’s List
Kiefer M. GroeneveldValdezAKDean’s List
Colbi J. HillValdezAKChancellor’s List
Meghan M. McKinnellValdezAKChancellor’s List
Joel P. TeuneWard CoveAKDean’s List
Kasie J. BakerWasillaAKChancellor’s List
Oren F. BrownWasillaAKDean’s List
Charles D. CoismanWasillaAKChancellor’s List
Jennifer A. CoismanWasillaAKChancellor’s List
Kaitlin C. DaultWasillaAKDean’s List
Matthew A. Friese SrWasillaAKDean’s List
Krystal R. HeimerlWasillaAKDean’s List
Shyla N. KeaysWasillaAKChancellor’s List
Ashley R. KnowltonWasillaAKDean’s List
Jazlyn R. LustWasillaAKDean’s List
Connor H. MacDonaldWasillaAKDean’s List
Connor M. MattsonWasillaAKDean’s List
Simeon K. SchumWasillaAKChancellor’s List
Timothy J. SlausonWasillaAKDean’s List
Dillon T. WilliamsWasillaAKDean’s List
Sabrina R. ClemensonWasillaAKDean’s List
Charles D. HolmanWasillaAKChancellor’s List
Jeannie M. JurasekWillowAKDean’s List
Jayce B. WilliamsonHarvestALDean’s List
Kayla L. FulkGlendaleAZDean’s List
Linnea DoumasTucsonAZDean’s List
Michael C. LeonColtonCADean’s List
Genevieve M. JohnsonFresnoCAChancellor’s List
Sarah E. MarschallHalf moon bayCADean’s List
Jennifer L. LutzeLone PineCADean’s List
James D. PetersonOrangeCADean’s List
Patrick R. FoleyPetalumaCAChancellor’s List
Lauren E. MossSacramentoCADean’s List
John S. KeeneyTwin PeaksCADean’s List
Keri L. KnightArvadaCODean’s List
Rene MorrisGunnisonCODean’s List
Angela N. GriderOldsmarFLDean’s List
Crystal J. StolpWest MelbourneFLDean’s List
Myles L. TenbroeckEwa BeachHIDean’s List
Keanu M. PaikaiHonoluluHIChancellor’s List
Kyle S. DonderoCaldwellIDChancellor’s List
Ryan M. WussowMountain Home A F BIDChancellor’s List
Sara J. HobackNampaIDDean’s List
Andrew A. TarantoLaGrange ParkILDean’s List
Amanda K. FisherNortonKSChancellor’s List
Alexis M. NardoneWinchesterMADean’s List
John W. Jennings IIWoodstockMDDean’s List
Colin M. HadleyWestlandMIChancellor’s List
Sarah F. RichardsJanesvilleMNDean’s List
William S. MiddletonBuffaloMODean’s List
Trevor D. CampbellKansas CityMODean’s List
Heidi I. HeilandHamiltonMTChancellor’s List
Rebecca L. KoniecznyWest YellowstoneMTChancellor’s List
Lyndsey S. WestRobbinsvilleNCDean’s List
Lindsey D. GiacomelliLas CrucesNMDean’s List
Taylor M. AltenburgElkoNVDean’s List
Natasha R. MooreBinghamtonNYDean’s List
Rebekah L. HartwigBlodgettORChancellor’s List
Sefiu A. BallamEugeneORDean’s List
Caitlin G. BarronMyrtle PointORChancellor’s List
Samantha R. HarthunOregon CityORDean’s List
Katarina J. StoltzfusBerlinPADean’s List
Michael A. JohnsonGoose CreekSCDean’s List
Zachary S. RaglandWhite HouseTNChancellor’s List
Crystal L. CallowayCiboloTXChancellor’s List
Zach C. NgawakaBluffdaleUTDean’s List
Tracy A. UnderdahlBremertonWADean’s List
Joseph M. DilleyGig HarborWADean’s List
Simon X. KristoffersenKirklandWAChancellor’s List
Garnee A. SandersLewis McChordWAChancellor’s List
Douglas H. DuncanPort AngelesWADean’s List
Henry H. MumfordSeattleWADean’s List
Kyle D. CourtneySpokaneWADean’s List
Tyler E. MorleyBurnabyBCDean’s List
Chad A. GehonKelownaBCDean’s List
Robyn M. TimmerMaple RidgeBCChancellor’s List
Annelise C. MiskaVictoriaBCChancellor’s List
Maxime M. DumondOttawaONDean’s List
Sophie CoallierRepentignyQCDean’s List
Heidi O’Connor-BrookWhitehorseYKDean’s List
Marei DoehlerCrinitzbergGermanyChancellor’s List
May Britt EbertElmshornGermanyDean’s List
Julia EbnerFurtwangenGermanyChancellor’s List
Tobias B. KerzelNeuendettelsauGermanyChancellor’s List
Keigo SaitoAsahikawaJapanChancellor’s List
Remi NakamuraKitahiroshimaJapanChancellor’s List
Gabriel A. Ciuro CuadradoSan JuanPuerto RicoDean’s List
Sandra MeisterDietlikonSwitzerlandChancellor’s List
Mirjam NoetzliMarthalenSwitzerlandDean’s List
Kate E. WolstenholmeOxfordUnited KingdomChancellor’s List