Rocky Mountain School middle school students Tucker Evans Jr., Brenda Mark and Makayla Lupie collect ground penetrating radar data to identify subsurface geologic features. Photo by Chris Maio.

If a storm wreaks havoc on coastal Goodnews Bay, Alaska, new research by University of Alaska Fairbanks scientists may help the town qualify for relief funding. Efforts to link local perspectives with monitored shoreline changes will vastly improve the understanding of the region’s coastal evolution.

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Paul Wilcox researches__________________.

Paul Wilcox hopes one of the mysteries of the last ice age can be solved in the caves of Southeast Alaska. That’s where the University of Alaska Fairbanks doctoral student spent this spring while looking for evidence of a glacial refugium — an area where plants, humans and animals endured amid the icy terrain.

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Largest Rural Alaska Honors Institute class graduates July 14

After six weeks of challenging academics, community service and hands-on learning, 68 rural and Alaska Native high school students will graduate from the Rural Alaska Honors Institute at the University of Alaska Fairbanks on Thursday, July 14. The students will be honored during a graduation ceremony at 1 p.m. in Schaible Auditorium.

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Extension offers money management video series

The University of Alaska Fairbanks Cooperative Extension Service has launched a series of short videos to help Alaskans manage their finances. Topics in the Mastering Money Management series include improving your credit score, reading your credit report, providing children’s allowances, living on a seasonal income, automating your bill payments and taking action before choosing bankruptcy.

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2. Fish Creek moose

On a day like this 121 years ago, a hungry U.S. Army explorer passed here at the mouth of Fish Creek, where clear water collides with the cloudy Tanana. Henry Allen did not stop to fish. He had food, and further exploration, on his mind as he and his party paddled by in a skin boat.

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nicole crop copy

Throughout her career as an atmospheric scientist in Europe and in Alaska, UAF’s Nicole Mölders never lost her interest in fashion and design. In 2013, she launched High Latitude Style, “an Alaska fashion blog with science bits for the stylish 40+ woman.”

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