Volunteers needed to track changes in autumn leaf colors

A University of Alaska Fairbanks research team needs volunteers to help track changes in autumn leaf color of native and invasive plants across Alaska. Volunteers can become citizen scientists and receive training on Saturday, Aug. 29, at 10 a.m. at the UAF campus ski hut. All youths and adults are welcome.

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Invasive weeds app developed

Alaskans may identify invasive weeds using a free new app. The app will make it easier for people to identify invasive weeds and to report them if they are unsure about the identification or are concerned about the presence of invasive weeds on their property or public lands.

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UAF professor leads Arctic ecosystem science initiative

A University of Alaska Fairbanks professor has been named chief scientist for a U.S. Department of Energy initiative to study Arctic ecosystems. The Next-Generation Ecosystem Experiments in the Arctic leadership team in May appointed Vladimir Romanovsky to the role. Romanovsky is a professor of geophysics at UAF’s Geophysical Institute.

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