Fall 2010

Kasatochi Island after eruption

When Kasatochi volcano erupted and completely covered itself in lava and ash, scientists didn’t expect to find any signs of life when they investigated the cooling island.

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40th years Alaska Sea Grant

Alaska Sea Grant: 40 years, Scientists: Asteroid crushed the Cretaceous, UA installs 13th president, Taking nutrition off the road, Talk to me, Saint Kitts transplant flourishes in Fairbanks, Can’t live without snow? Study glaciers in summer, Arsenic salad, Fake patient, real training, Students’ investments pay off, Beneficial berries and Campus briefs

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Sam registers weapons turned in by a member of the south Sudanese rebel army known as the Sudan People's Liberation Army. One of the stipulations of Sudan's civil war peace agreement is the disarmament and reduction of forces on both sides.

Sam specializes in finding and holding on to the upside in some of the most dangerous, slippery-downhill-slope countries in the world.

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Climbing ice wall

Outdoor Adventures sponsors trips around Alaska for students, faculty and staff. This ice-climbing day trip was taken last spring to Dragonfly Creek near Denali National Park and Preserve.

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