Agreement allows KUAC to broadcast APRN through November


Gretchen Gordon

KUAC and Alaska Public Media have reached an agreement that will allow KUAC to continue broadcasting APRN programming for an additional three months past the announced end date of Aug. 31.

The extension will give KUAC and APRN time to continue discussions aimed at finding a way for KUAC to continue broadcasting the statewide news programs. If a solution can be found, KUAC intends to pay the APRN membership in full.

“KUAC values APRN programming and we are very appreciative of the step taken by APRN as we work our way through some very trying times,” said KUAC general manager, Keith Martin.

Steve Lindbeck, CEO and general manager of Alaska Public Media, parent company of APRN stated, “We understand the difficulties KUAC faces in reconciling tough university budget cuts, and KUAC isn’t the first APRN member station to face a hardship. APRN will suspend KUAC dues payments for three months to give time for other options to be considered.”

KUAC leaders will continue to look for long-term solutions that minimize the effects of leaner budgets on listeners and viewers.

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  • chuck

    I hadn’t heard that APRN wouldn’t be broadcast on the KUAC network, which is distressing for the entire interior listenership, including those who listen in places like Delta, Tok and Glennallen, among others.

    I know that APRN (and APM) often operates on a less-than-enviable budget but also know that they can be rather silly in spending at times. Same could be said of NPR, though, so I guess it’s all a matter of perspective. Severing the connection would make both players losers, so I hope a resolution can be found sooner than later.


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